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IRCTC Train PNR Status  Of Your  Booking can Be checked here on

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IRCTC Train  Status  Of Various Indian Railways Trains Can Be Found Out Here on

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IRCTC Train Status Finder

SMS TL < starting city > < ending city > to 5676747

SMS TRNSH <Train Name> to 54959

SMS TRNSH <Train No.> to 54959

Dial 139 for PNR status enquiry, arrival departure of trains, fares, accommodation and availability 

SMS PNR <10-digit PNR No.> to 54959



IRCTC Train PNR Status/IRCTC Train Schedules/IRCTC Train Status Of Your Railway Booking Can Be Found Out Through Other Ways 


This Table Explains Various legends used by Indian Railways for providing PNR Status Of A Railway Booking

Waiting List (WL) 

This status means that the passenger is not guaranteed any berth or sitting accommodation in the train.Only if there are cancellations in confirmed or RAC tickets i.e upgradation of PNR Status, they will be accommodated. The maximum length of the waiting queue for each train is determined by railway officials, and once the maximum number of wait listed tickets have been issued, the ticketing system refuses any further reservation requests and responds with REGRET status. One cannot purchase a ticket with REGRET status.

Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC)

This indicates that a passenger does not have a berth reserved, but he has sitting accommodation in the train. Depending on the length of the waiting queue in the PNR Status, there are chances  that his reservation will promoted to a confirmed berth. RAC ticket holders can board the train and can sit on the two side chairs. If a PNR Status upgrades due to cancellation before or during the journey, one RAC holder will get the berth, and the other RAC holder can convert the two side chairs into a single berth.

A reserved ticket can be cancelled up to the charting of the train. The ticket can be cancelled from the cancellation section of the IRCTC page after login. A suitable charge will be deducted for the same. The cancellation charges are as follows:


Cancellation Time Cancellation Charges
48 hrs Before The Departure Of The Train

Rs.120/- for AC First Class/Executive Class 

Rs.100/- for AC 2 Tier/First Class

Rs. 90 for AC 3 Tier/AC Chair car/ AC 3 Economy 

Rs.60/- for Sleeper Class 

Rs.30/- for Second Class

Within 48 hrs And Up To 4 Hours Before

The Scheduled Departure Of The Train

 25% of the fare

Less Than 4 Hours Before

The Schedule Departure Of The Train Up To Chart Preparation Of The Train


50% of the fare is not affiliated to Indian Railways, and does not store any content of Indian Railways website in its database.

ForRailway create or login to your existing account in order to make bookings.You can check your PNR Status too Bookings commence 60 Days before the date of journey.Tatkal Bookings can be done a day before the date of departure  10 A.M onwards via the website or 8 A.M onwards at ticket counters.


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CAN/MODCancelled Or Modified
CNF/ConfirmedConfirmed  (Coach And Berth Number Are Assigned After Chart Preparation)
CKTatkal Quota
CKWLTatkal Waiting List (Different From Normal Waiting List, Which When Moves Up Goes To RAC Category, Whereas A Passenger Gets A Confirmed Berth When A CKWL Moves Up)
RACReservation against Cancellation
WL#Waiting List number
RLWLRemote Location Wait List
GNWLGeneral Wait List
PQWLPooled Quota Wait List
Regret/WLNo More Booking Is Permitted
ReleasedTicket Not Cancelled, But Alternative Accommodation Provided
R # #RAC Coach Number And Berth Number